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- Fundraising for Children and their Parents

Work and education are critical components of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. The number of children without access to school has 2011 fallen to 57 million (UNESCO), but 180 million children around the world aren’t learning essential literacy and numeracy skills. About a quarter of all children are dropping out of school before the end of primary school. Unemployment in the eurozone has also reached another record high, according to other official figures 2013. Young people in Greece and Spain have jobless rates above 50-60%! So then, what's our choice: Responsibility and children or, an always-growing capital, fashion, glamour, business and work industry? Is it possible to combine these passions of our lives? Show altruism and get a warm glow from giving?

Welfare countries that forget and don't prioritise their children's necessary psychology needs are not only loosing its own soul but also risks it's own future as a welfare society. Children are in a longer run, our best investments even in an economic sense and we must under different kinds of circumstances protect them and their rights to an innocence childhood, with all kinds of compassion, understanding and shelters. There are a lot of absurdities in this world to explain and withdraw children from:

  • Why I say, feel or think so strange things?
  • Why children misbehave assaults and kill one and other at schools or, as child soldiers in wars?
  • Why mother and father have their disagreements and conflicts?
  • Why I'm unlike my neighbour or best companion?
  • Why I'm not so gifted to do my lessons or homework?
  • Why so many people die under strange catastrophic, but sometimes even naturally circumstances?
  • Why my father is drinking too much?
  • Why my own mother betrays or leaves me?
  • Why hunger and starvation growth in a rich world of water, food and other possibilities?
  • Why I can't - bring passion back or get some job? etc.

  • This is not always a financial or psychological easy work, but it's a really meaningful mission that we all can contribute to maintain. There is often a great need being supported by charities. It's important matter to take good care of one and to deal with reactions and emotions. Adult people can speak about traumatic experiences and learn to cope with the emotional stress and even redirect it in different positive ways. In the long run, this will even make some of us stronger, more reliable and a better resource for family and friends during their times of need.

    Children without language, words and an adult perspective, have to describe an accident or a experience otherwise and have to learn and use other strategies to cope. The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund administrated by European Psychologist Eliazon is an effective and independent voice who works to improve the treatment quality and availability of prevention and rehabilitative services within the science of child psychology and state of the world's children. The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund promote work with those psychological crisis and disorders in early child development and adolescent childhood which sometimes causes overwhelming problems, death, chronic severe illness and disabilities. The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund main purposes are to serve these children and their families, with advice and special psychological health care needs.

    Services for children and their parents

    When a child needs special services or equipment and has no other source of payment, the Eliazon Psychology Health Fund may help. Some examples are personal or financial assistance for child psychotherapy, psychometric investigations, support and coaching of parents, siblings and other people (e.g. teachers in school) surrounding the child. But, we help those who also is motivated and attempt to help themselves. Treatment measures and actions are only performed by highly trained, qualified and experienced child psychologists and specialists in parenting issues, children and young people's behavior. This is done only through reputable company Eliazon's authorization, knowledge control, merchandise and management.

    Assistance to Groups

    The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund supports conferences on issues related to parents and professionals involved with children with special health care needs and training for agencies and groups delivering services to these children. Additionally, the Eliazon Psychology Health Fund can help and support other professionals with individual supervision.

    The mission of The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund is to provide support and understanding of children with special psychological and health care needs that is not met through other public health care programs or health care insurance. The world is what we are making it to be. The fund supports unique services and programs for special needs children and their families and caregivers that promote optimal psychological health and early child development.

    We do not conceal that we look primarily to the wealthy women who want to be contributors in charity to their more vulnerable counterparts on the road of life. Like many mature feminist and intelligent women understand blocks namely economically stronger men generally and instinctively for fear of their own power and loss of control, activities that aim to truly promote women's and children's development of talent, self esteem, sensuality, charisma, autonomy, independence and freedom . Open dare men less often thwart its purpose, contrary. The economic difficulty will be to financially cope with investment needs and operating such a business long term and with more than gratitude profitability, as the men's preference and priority to the wallet, and a perhaps overly rapacious exploitation of property, natural resources, with few exceptions, proved greater than the love of women's and children's long-term development needs.

    Who is eligible?

    A child, an adolescent, parents and families with a child enrolled or eligible to enrol in the Eliazon Institute Special Psychological Services Program may apply. The Eliazon Institute Special Psychological Service Programs includes different scientifically methods to work with parents, children, youth and teenagers suffering psychological disorders and unemployment. This could be incapacitate, stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, autism treatments, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, genetic disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, attention deficit disorder, personality disorders, and so on.

    Often are multidisciplinary co-operative methods involved in the programs and the educational efforts by counselling people within the paediatric-, medicine-, ergonomic-, pedagogic- and neuropsychological fields. A very low percentage of your donation will go to administration! The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund, was founded of the Clinical Child and Teen Psychologist/MPsych Torbjörn K A Eliazon for the purpose to maintain in this efforts, work with prevention in the early childhood and carry on an important research, opinion and education in the science of positive child psychology and psychology health. Groups or organisations serving children with special health care needs may also apply for grants.

    How do I apply?

    Apply by writing to adress:
    The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund
    Residensgränd 25 A
    831 41 ÖSTERSUND
    - SWEDEN
    or by email to: fund@eliazon.com

    How do I contribute?

    Contribute and get "the warm glow from giving", by sending an amount via payment here -->

    The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund welcomes all donations of any amount. Support the Eliazon Psychology Health Fund in whatever way best fits your own values and situation. Stocks, real property, and other assets are also wonderful gifts to give. Wills and bequests make a lasting contribution and may provide substantial estate tax savings. The gifts are often fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

    Send your other gifts to:
    The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund
    c/o Eliazon Residensgränd 25 A
    831 41 ÖSTERSUND
    - SWEDEN

    For higher amount contributions you may also contact Eliazon and The Eliazon Psychology Health Fund directly at Phone Nr: 0046-63-103250

    Thank's for your contribution !

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