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Forgetting and Forgetfulness - On Psychology - Understanding Psychology on the Forgetting and Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness, forgetting things or loss of memory ability starts many people worries about themselves when the memory capacity becomes deteriorated. The same concerns occur when some people takes the step - in the middle age (already at 35-40 the years' age). Its concern trifles not remembering which buffet that they visited during the week or what they did during yesterdays. Its can act about that one drops the name on a beloved friend or relative, or does not find again the word that one searches for, speaking with someone. The inability could concern that I need more time for information processing or, that my performance is slower than before. Maybe I might need an extra checking in order to ensure that I have paid that insurance, or "- Did I locked the door back home, before I went to workplace?" People can go in to rooms and suddenly forgotten why they are there!

Usually we make some jokes of these signals with the term "dementia light", "only little distracted, distrait or absent-minded", or some other adequate term. Nevertheless, should we take these things substantially more seriously than what we have done, according to new findings. A lot of new scientific research shows namely that our lifestyle and those measures we take today have big and entire crucial impact on us. E.g. how our satisfaction and psychological abilities to handle the everyday existence will be developed in the future. When we live in distress or other psychological challenge and do not take correct measurements in order to repair such situations, we risk appreciably deteriorated possibilities to maintaining psychological health and cognitive mental capacity, forward in life. Stress makes us e.g. activate an enzyme in the brain called Kinase C, it is a protein which undermines our short term memory, plus some other brain functions in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the executive decision making section of our brain. In this context does increased fatigue diagnoses in Western Europe constitute the tip on a big and dreadful iceberg.

Results in late time's research shows that people that are intellectual more active throughout the life is strikingly inclined to not be hit of senility, Alzheimer and dementia or other such manifestations later in the life. Research shows that intellectual exercise psych up your brain and improves long term operational functioning, that you never could had without such exercises. Young people that active accustoms the memory seems to function more cognitive effective than those that does not. Considering an evaluation of one's own psychometric profile, to get a better self-knowledge and understanding of psychological gifts and needs, seems to be an increasing good idea. Awareness and decisions about the brain is likely important as a sport man which are training his body muscles. Get a good and for this purpose, particularly skilled and validated trainer - a legislated psychologist, to correct examine your evaluation results.

"Use your brain correctly - or it will rotten or languish away!" is a clear sharp advice and rough psychological method researchers today (e.g. Sherry Willis at Pennsylvania University, Arthur Kramer at Illinois University, Jerome Yesavage at Stanford University and Michael Marsiske at University of Florida and other experts note and) advocates as the good cure against different dementia diseases and neurological changes and symptoms in the brain.

Researchers do not know what causes this wither away process or what it really means today, but speculates around various reasons and connections. Several big studies examine among other thing selenium, vitamins C and E and foliate, as well as the popular herbal remedy ginkgo biloba. Researchers also remain hopeful that anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Celebrex and the hormone oestrogen may prove useful, despite safety concerns. Other researchers are exploring whether cholesterol drugs might protect the brain as well as the heart. It has become increasingly clear that same strategies that decrease the risks for heart attacks and strokes protect against brain injuries (ex. a good diet and costing attitude, low cholesterol and blood pressure levels, slimmed-down obesity and diabetes, regular exercise). Impaired glucose regulation may contribute to the memory deficits that occur as people age, and it raises the intriguing possibility that improving glucose tolerance could reverse some age-associated problems in cognition. Other researchers examine whether cholesterol and other drugs will protect the brain in the same way as at heart diseases.

What does it mean to do a psychometric evaluation and to create a training program for a more optimal cognitive development? Psychometric surveys consist of different part several tests which the psychologist uses in order to measure talents the client share with all people in a big or smaller extent. The psychometric tests are reliable and well validated with a high discriminating capacity. We administrate two different programmes of which one is for adult persons and the other is for children. The neuropsychological examination programmes for adult, children and young people consist of several different parts that takes some weeks to implement for the individual:

Programmes/program 1: CHILDREN AND YOUTH

Content: Anamnesis, attention, control and organisation, linguistic functions, Senso-motoric functions, Visuo-spatial functions, memory, talent, awareness, identification and ego-strength, gaze and invoking desires, summarised measures- and proposed actions, other needs and attitudes

Administered tests: Nepsy, Wisc, VMI, Goodenough Harris Drawing test, Benton, SPIQ 1 and 2, Frostig

Programmes/program 2: ADULTS

Content: Anamnesis, attention, control and organisation, linguistic functions, Senso-motoric functions, Visuo-spatial functions, memory, talent, awareness, identification and ego-strength, gaze- and invoking desires, summarised measures- and proposed actions, other needs and attitudes.

Administered tests: CWT - Serial colour word test, Benton Visual Retention test, SRB:1 SRB:2 SRB:3, Claeson-Dahls test for learning and memory, MMPI-2, Job Stress Survey - JSS

When pathological manifestations already is established in brain, is it more difficult to deal with this pathology than with preventive training initiatives. Despite this, seem some people to have found effective capacity and strategies to compensate for function reductions caused of ageing processes. When they meet challenges can they compensate reductions throughout correct training and action programmes. Successful ageing and cognitive vitality is possible with increased knowledge of regulary training. Have you considered a personal training programme or our Beauty Aging Therapy? Contact us!


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