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A Psych Up Artist™ Relations and Communication Skills Shape Up The Greatest Artists on Earth!

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The New Queen: A Psych Up Artist™!

One says cats got nine lives and that could be true, but it also includes the human species. Psych Up means an inwardly inter-psychological mobilisation of your personal emotional and cognitive resources and gifts to perform excellent and perhaps gain a higher level of prosperity and satisfaction in daily life. Peripeteia indicates a sudden reversal of fortune or a significant chance in life circumstances, which one cannot ignore (e.g. new job, unemployment, unexpected event, crisis, notice to quit, shut down, illness, divorce or something else). This change of considerable proportions is hard to escape and I have to act upon it, independently according to my own wishes. In thinking, cognition and logic, emotionally, socially, in my choices, speech, communication, relations, refutations and presumptions. A peripeteia transforming basics and fundamentals of life including economic aspects and priorities, identity, creativity, convenience, psychological and mental health, demand and desires. As this world’s greatest artists do we need to handle such circumstances becoming: The New Queen.

The three graces - Beauty Aging Therapy for Successful Mother's and Prosperity Career Women

Content Program - Psych Up Artist™

Content: Program Psych Up Artist™ is an advanced individual program that enables people to develop competence in an area of psychology with emphasis on specialisation and practice. The specialist program is oriented toward license and certification as Psych Up Artist™. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles governing e.g. psychological assessment, communication and therapy. Program Psych Up Artist™ enter deeply into mentoring, a reflection and education on psychological suppositions and assumptions, psychological replies and refutations, potentially creative possibilities of development. Main points are human communication, the central role of relationships and work in people’s daily life, ethics and values, normative and in different work places and work situations specifically psychology approach. Psych Up Artist™ focus on personal individual assumptions (experience, ageing processes, gender, education, traditions, working market etc.) and how the individual with a additionally professional education in psychology can handle, manage and behave vs. her own and other peoples worries, dissatisfaction, resignation and crisis. Attendee’s motivation, self-confidence, self-knowledge, creativity, talent, working capacity, pleasure in family and work, gives plainness and reinforcement throughout psychological and psychometric interventions and therapy sessions.

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Content in obligatory lectures, symposia, workshops, conferences* for attendees in Program Psych Up Artist™ are:

COPERNICUS REVOLUTION. Seminars on depression, burn-out and stress management, treatment methods and the special factors which create motivation and a possibility to come back to work after a longer notification of illness.

THE QUADRANGLE TIGER. Increase knowledge on motivation and preferences guiding co-workers suffering neurotic-, psychotic or psychopathic personality character disorder.

A MOMENT ON EARTH. Seminars on tranquillise, soothing, silence, reflection, attendance, fishing, yoga, relaxation. Ergonomic methods and techniques concerning meditation, relaxation and taking regular physical exercise and fitness, in a world full of activities.

JUST ONE MORE. On management, explanations and contribute factors and aspects within abuse of sex, alcohol and other addiction and addictive behaviour in workplace.

SELMA. On motivation, adequate and inadequate accomplish behaviour, ageing, and gender differentiation in working groups.

THE DARNING NEEDLE. Management and leadership’s in periods of crisis, distress and straits. How to give supervision, faith, confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to people suffering repugnance, weariness, despair and lack of confidence.

BROTHERS’ IN ARMS. On family, parenting distress, parenthood and doing two jobs. Learning disabilities, psychological health and behaviour among children. Work environment in school and other situations. How to handle and treat children’s questions, needs, demands and desires.

FATHER, DON’T YOU SEE THAT I AM BURNING! Treatments and management of affects, anxiety, threats, violence and other stressful situations in workplace.

INTELLIGENCE, HEALTH, BEAUTY and AGING. Beauty Aging Therapy and a psychological method and approach of more beautiful ageing. Secrets beyond the conceptualising of intelligence, health, beauty and beauty ageing processes.

AUTHORITY and LEADERSHIP. Contributing psychological circumstances in implementation and establishing a reliable trustworthy structure of authority and leadership in business life.

OMEGA-3 och ST.JOHNS WORT. On the significance of eating habits, diets, food, sleep and the use of pharmaceutical, homeopathic, naturopathic or herbal medicinal properties in treatments of psychological disorders and increased ability for accomplishment and satisfaction. - Italian Accessories

Main objectives - Program Psych Up Artist™

eliazon - online store Program Psych Up Artist™ increase possibilities to employment appreciable and impressive on a working market, develop substantial competence in existing work and are preparatory to future psychology education. Program Psych Up Artist™ improve attendees self-knowledge concerning identity, affect management, self-awareness, self-confidence and talents thus attendee’s at the end of the program shows efficient competence and understandings for basic workmanship and different work culture’s. In addition, Program Psych Up Artist™ increase the supply of labour with occupational skills in professions where there are important to a country’s economy to gain sustainable development. A further objective in Program Psych Up Artist™ are therefore to provide an occupational feature on e.g. stress management, kind and authoritative customer reception and communication skills. This strengthen the attendee’s general social and psychological competence, self-understanding, self-knowledge and readiness to manage relations or in occupational circumstances where’s a kind and authoritative reception might be extra important. (E.g. staff and executive positions, banking, health and event businesses, sales- and marketing companies, universities and schools, social and police departments.)

Evaluation. After completed program is the attendee invited an evaluation form in writing.

Certification. Attendee receives personal certificate after completed program. The certification attest assemble qualifications as follows:

  • Descriptions of main psychological subjects gained insight into ([Psychoarium] E.g. Occupational Psychology, Child Development, Stress Management, Personality Background and Contradiction’s, Psychological Health and Individual Health Development).
  • Guided occupational opinion and conclusion from psychologist.
  • Period during which attendant possessed described qualifications.
  • Probation result. (Special testing of attendant’s persona, character, abilities and standards possessing the role, title and requirements of "Psych Up Artist™")

Methods: Individual weekly session’s eq. BAT (Beauty Aging Therapy) layers with education and seminars in-group sessions, studies of literature, work and workshops with general themes. Some administration of psychometric tests could occur.

Study material: Teachers or supervisors give some obligatory literature (books, essays and writings).

Prerequisites: Registrations due three weeks before starting date. Attendee must make a one-year commitment.

Time Interval: Yearlong program (40-weeks full-time commitment or 80-weeks half-time commitment) with individual starting and a format that works around the attendee’s schedule. Program provides instructions and mentoring to ensure success and advancement. Distance learning is available.

Place: City of Östersund, Sweden – Residensgränd 25 A.

Fee: Monthly invoicing. Per Attendee/Week, Click here and start shopping Shop for Children's Shoes at Hollywood gifts! Free 30 Day Supply

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