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Need someone to lean upon and turn to in moments of inner or external crisis? Some of us live in countries, which been spared from psychologically uncanny events and crisis for a very long period of time. In e.g. Sweden, we have lived more than 200 years without wars or other external crisis. All seemed long secured, safe and predictable. When all others was hit and we survived alone, a sense of invulnerability raised among the Swedes; "it cannot happen here", or "it doesn’t happen to us". We lived an illusion where no one ever collectively knew or felt the experience of the Swedish word "kuslig", or the English equivalent, "uncanny".

The uncanny experience literary attributes terror to a collapse of the psychic boundaries of self and other, life and death, reality and unreality. After e.g. the murder on Prime Minister Olof Palme, the radioactive fallout from Tjernobyl 1986, wrecked of Estonia, 9-11 and now late the tsunami catastrophe at Christmas 2004 and the London Bombings (7 july 2005), have the Swedish people like others experienced the uncanny feelings accompanying with these crisis. Common features in this kind of crises or events are initially:

  • Serious threats against people, environment and matter.
  • Several coincident events that seem to create a chain of reactions create in it additional new and entirely unforeseen situations.
  • Difficulties to correct validate a situation - which from a beginning seemed entirely insignificant or harmless - gradually, shows up to become more critical.
  • Loss of control and overview.
  • Non-existent information and thin bases for rescue decisions.
  • An escalating crisis, either by the crisis intrinsic forces or because the initial handling strengthens the crisis.
  • Immediately and correct decision-making.
  • High requirements on flexibility and suppleness.
  • Intense group pressure.
  • Great interests from different mediums (newspapers, radio and television).
  • Long and lasting work pursues involve readiness and well-motivated personnel/staff.

Later when the initially crises have been overcome people who experience external catastrophic events show a wide range of trauma reactions. Some people have worries and bad memories that gradually disappear over time. Other people may experience more long-term problems, stress reactions, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emotional reactions such as fear depression, withdrawal, anger, and physical complaints can occur immediately, weeks and months after a traumatic event. Loss of trust in others and fears of the tragedy happening again are other commonly responses.

The most strange, uncanny and scary things in our lives comes not from what is far away, but from what is closest to us and sometimes within ourselves. Unconscious memory cues can sometimes bring up old uncanny anxiety, depressive thoughts and conflicts about issues like trust, control, sexuality, self-worth, self-confidence etc. It is within the home, the private and the familiar, which has been rendered secret through e.g. isolation, repression or rationalisation but then returns. Things that applies for big disasters could also in many ways (e.g. the attitude: "it cannot happen here", or "it doesn’t happen to me") have relevance for those "small" disasters and crises in everyday life. These "smaller" individually disasters e.g. divorce, local media investigations, relatives death, traffic- and workplace accidents, school conflicts, are equally stress boosting for the individual subject.

The uncanny experience derives its terror not from something externally alien or unknown, accident or external events but--on the contrary--from something strangely familiar, which defeats our efforts to separate ourselves from what is going on. We might experience a feeling of: "- I get trapped!" or "- I loose control!" "- I do not know this alien!" It sometimes could be just a tired feeling or emotions that we been trapped in marriage, work, life circumstances. Harassment behaviour, sexual assault and any type of sexual activity that you do not want or agree to, could be another physical traps. It ranges from inappropriate touching to penetration or intercourse. It also can be verbal, visual, audio, or any other form which forces a person to participate in unwanted sexual contact or attention.

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Sexual assault includes rape and attempted rape, child molestation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, and sexual harassment. Nearly 6 out or 10 rape or sexual assault incidents are reported by victims to have occurred in their own home or at the home of a friend, relative, or neighbour. Sometimes it can feel like recovering from rape is a full-time job all by itself. Confusing emotions -- fear, grief, guilt, shame, rage, may overwhelm the survivor. She may be unable to sleep at night and unable to stay awake during the day. She may have trouble thinking clearly, concentrating, and making decisions. Some women have no choice but to put their emotions aside and go on coping with the demands of their daily reality. Some find that they feel better if they carry on with their normal routine as much as possible. Others find it helpful to take some time off from work, let the housework slide, and concentrate on doing things that make them feel better.

Uncanny things and experience in daily life could be so hard and difficult to define because its quality is an integral part of our understanding of the uncanny experience in it self. Rather than attempt a definition, we usually resort to describe the uncanny experience, by way of a dream-like vision of fearsome doubling, terror and death that invariably seem to accompany it. We might experience something that we not even can give a name as something that is both strange and familiar, odd but intimate, alien but all too "close" at the same time.

Unfortunately and suddenly can things take uncanny directions in our life, the circumstances makes a shift and become different from what they used to be and what we supposed. It is no excessive overestimation to think that most people seem to need someone to turn to in these moments of inner or external crisis.

Emergency incidents are unexpected and difficult or dangerous situations, which happens suddenly and which require quick action. Ordinary police departments, fire brigades, defence and rescue authorities in society, works with preventive planning and with continuous inspections. They are available "stand by " in urgent, "sharp" and acute positions and emergencies. Similarly, our Psych Up Security™ program is a continuously subscription of certain specified delimited psychological emergency services, when uncanny unforeseen psychological needs and events arise on similar ways within everyday living. It might include several areas (on the job, in the school, in the relationship, children and in child raising, in the organisational activity or, everywhere where human meetings and communication arise, and relationships to be developed and is created. Psych Up Security™ becomes a cheap and easy to way to access an insurance equal solution when difficult problems or other matters occur. E.g. You don’t know how to refute employees' conflicts and requirements in the workplace. Your wife wants a divorce! Relationship rescue? Which educational advice or child development should you give your children? What can you tell a neighbour or the friends, as each day seems to meet you with theirs aggressions-, divorce-, or complex of problem? Sometime perhaps wonder "only" concerns how to apply a task or duty with psychological implications. Short and good: Psych Up Security™ are the precaution solution for the family, company or organisation that intermittently have needs of a "house doctor" to call for, but within human psychology many areas.

A crisis, is a difficult, or at least a critical period in life when decisions taken becomes entirely directing future possibilities and freedom of action. Moreover these decisions may influence our reputation and uphold one’s fair name and fame. With such a definition is Psych Up Security™ and its possibilities to immediately reach a well-motivated, readiness and experienced psychologist in crisis, a research based decisive step for a successful outcome and prosperity. Psych Up Security™ set focus on developed crisis management, and helps to achieve psychological rest, balance, stability, control, distance, reasonable positions, decision roads and preparations, when the uncanny in a sudden rinses throughout our living rooms, in everyday life, productivity and well-being. The only condition for Psych Up Security™ is actually that people included pursued their payment of subscription charges according to conditions in subscription agreements.

The subscription Psych Up Security™ applies of course primarily for forthcoming psychological crises, conflicts, issues, which emerged or debut after subscription agreement. In a restricted extent (advice - but not treatment) Psych Up Security™ also implicates neurotic and other psychological manifestations (e.g. phobias, compulsion thoughts, fears etc.) which might had arise before the subscription period begun, but manifested itself symptomatic afterwards. Agreements about Psych Up Security™ is a strategic and wise balanced investment, in advance done to a reasonable reality analysis and risk assessment. No agreement signs if individuals or companies already stand in an ongoing crisis. Suborders, efforts, initiatives and psychological needs are therefore examined proportionally to reasonable fair other parts of content in subscriptions agreement.

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Ensure yourself following guidance and psychological emergency service through Psych Up Security™:


  • Permanent access to suborder professional experienced "stand by" psychological emergency services.
  • Guaranteed contact with Psychologist or Licensed Psych Up Security Manager within 24 hours.
  • Crisis- and conflict management.
  • Scientific based investigations and treatment programmes.
  • Coaching (e.g. staff and executive personnel.)
  • Interventions for subjects involved.

PREVENTION SECURITY– CONTINUOUS REVIEW, DEVELOPMENT AND FOLLOW-UPS (partially depending on conditions in Psych Up Security™- subscription agreement)

  • Continuous tailored reviews of Psych Up Security™ - agreement. Inventory, risk assessment and follow-ups of psychosocial needs and initiatives.
  • Safety control rounds (psycho social - on work places).
  • Personal development and coaching (of role expectations, psychological strategies, behaviour, communication, relations, guidance and control).
  • Operational and systematic crisis management. Pitfall and risks. Problem solutions and stress management in critical situations.
  • Psychometric testing, assessments and treatment initiatives.
  • Education, lectures and seminars.
  • Managing fears, anxiety, stress, aggressions and conflicts.
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Program and action plans. (Concerning e.g. threats, violence, harassment, assaults and addiction).
  • Training communication and communication skills (e.g. risk communication and empathic communication, development of strategies for information processing.

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