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Want to Make a Good Additional Income and Get More Money Earnings Compensation
- Tell Friends - Become a Tell Pal Ambassador.


1. Tell Pal means gossip about something good for your friends and circle of acquaintance!

Tell Pal means that you provide awareness and interests for our services, and get paid for it. Tell Pal literally means, "tell a pal" and that is exactly what’s all about. We want you to act as an Ambassador for our services and gladly to function as a lobbyist sometimes, when the occasion gives itself and fits yourself. The mediating can happen through gossips to friends, acquaintance, customers and others, through requisitioning targeted ad materials or in other ways that you choose. You should provide information about our own (eliazon), our collaborative partners and under entrepreneurs high qualitative services and products. You find the information you needs in brochures to order at eliazon web sites. Mostly content could be reached on our home pages (,, and, with sub-documents [links to some services could be found above]). The target group is people you knows and meets in your every day life: customers, friends and circle of acquaintance etc.

2. Optimum performance in Tell Pal Ambassador could generate considerable earnings.

It is not an imperative demand that you choose believes or uses those services we offer by yourself. A certain critical attitude, own trust, initiated knowledge and good faith promotes however better friend chapter bands and relationships in a longer perspective. Irrespective of which do you get a legitimate compensation for your mediating of information about our products and services. Our only requirements are - we want you to be in the way you are. Compensation pays afterwards, by the service provider. When our customer have done the final payment for service or products, do you get a Tell Pal fee corresponding to whole 25% of the price total. We do not make payments of smaller amounts (below 30 €). A condition is that you ensured that the provider in practice initial gets awareness about your Tell with greetings from the client. Another condition is of course that you correctly has registered yourself as a Tell Pal-Ambassador and that your registration have become confirmed and thereby been approved at us.

3. Tell Pal is an excellent good win-win-solution.

The Tell Pal concept is simple and has only winners. Your friend gets access to a qualitative good service or product he/she probably did knew nothing about before you provide some good information. You gain a still better friend + a lot of good economic compensation. With corresponding price adjustment does the provider get an increased demand on services or products and an improved market of knowledge and efforts. With current service range can your earning possibilities become high. E.g. a short cheap lecture initiative with a fee about net 1500 € gives 375 € in remuneration to Tell Pal. Associated Tell Pal Ambassadors who gives a hint about eliazon activities have accumulated fees to expect in longer psycho therapy series, counselling and investigation commissions which give considerably higher remuneration amounts.

4. Why have you created this Tell Pal-programme?

Many smaller entrepreneurs and middle class, but also employee and private persons request possibilities to good and reasonable extra incomes. Through Tell Pal can we rationalise and decrease our costs for administrative personnel, unproductive decision roads wasting of time, contact surfaces, promoting and marketing costs etc. Instead of paying money to a too expensive and not always effective organisational superstructure do we choose to forgo resources to them that generate new work possibilities and income. Demand within the sector fluctuates time-related and geographic and follows traditionally a mouth-mouth method, or why not name it a Tell a Pal method.

5. How comes that you can pay these "high" compensations to Tell Pals?

Since Tell Pal is an entire performance based programme can we not guarantee compensation amounts in dollar numbers. Tell Pals cannot calculate a specific amount in some regular compensation plan. On the contrary, compensation becomes what it become. Then and then (depending on your performance prosperity) might an unexpected money reward crop up in your name on an amount that however always corresponds precisely to 25% of our own revenues. On behalf of secrecy can we never state the reasons or tracking. No compensations are paid out, not neither for commissions that we think falls outside our knowledge area or that we of other reasons does not undertake, before we have received concrete payment from our customers. This minimises our risks for "overhead costs" to zero for unproductive references and recommendations. Productive recommendations on the other hand, references that create invoice, awards totally. Before payments to private persons do eliazon deductions for source wealth and social charges. Salary statements on paid out amounts is submitted the county tax authority (within Sweden). eliazon makes payment of fees to your registration account, to your stated mailing address or via PayPals secure payment mediating.

6. I live in another geographic area or country, can I nevertheless register as a Tell Pal Ambassador?

Yes, we are an international company that takes commissions both nationally and international. We collaborate and engage other entrepreneurs in necessary extent. If some part or divides of this Tell Pal-registration will be considered invalid (e.g. based on other countries' legislation), will this not mean that the agreement in its whole is invalid or without will. Where the invalid element influences parts exchange of, or performances according to the agreement legitimate, mediation can be done. Additionally, on described text on these web sites (Tell,,, and, with sub-documents) will the Swedish legislation be applied.

7. How do I get my registration number and activate my Tell Pal Ambassador registration account?

In order to become Tell Pal or Tell Pal Ambassador you have to accept the conditions and the information that are given and described on this page and then pay a registration fee. The registration fee is draw via charge cards at PayPal (f n 25€). Before this payment be kind to read the text closely. Through clicking on the button "register announcement" has you accepted and validated conditions and information, as it been included legal binding agreement. Additionally condition becoming a Tell Pal Ambassador is Qilin Psykologkonsult HB - eliazon and associated companies, collaborative partners, approval and confirmation of your announcement. Confirmation with your Tell is send to you by e-mail within a couple of days.

8. Current information and conditions for Tell Pal Ambassador.

These conditions can be changed or ceased anytime. On this web site, www.Tell are current information and conditions about Tell Pal published. It is a registered Tell Pal Ambassador responsibility to know about recommended and available Tell Pal Associated Providers and current Tell Pal conditions according to information on this web site. .eliazon has always unilateral right to modify, change or cease Tell Pal collaboration. Registered Tell Pal will be informed about such measure via e-mail or via this web site, www.Tell For the case, registered Tell Pal is not ready to accept the measure, should Tell Pal correct, and have obligation to abort the co-operation.

9. You have to take responsibility for your own statements and speaking.

Mind your p. and Q’s. Tell Pals are responsible for their interpretations of given information. This includes information that you leave further and that the content in the information does not deviate from actual information sources that eliazon organised for your disposition. Tell Pal should follow what (from one time to another) is compatible with current laws and statutes within his or her own country. You must follow all applied EU directives and national laws and regulations that apply or to be founded ahead. If you are a physical person, you must last over eighteen (18) years. If you are younger than eighteen you have to acquire parents or next friend approbation in order to register yourself. Your parent must carry out the registration process in his or her owns names and stand as payment receiver. Possible damages and risks taken because of Tell Pal-registration – no matter how - are entirely your own responsibility. eliazon cannot guarantee that the service does not contain omissions and deficiencies and eliazon take no responsible for discrepancies, unforeseen circumstances or losses that your registration can mean. Further, eliazon take no responsible for other providers, companies, registered Tell Pals and other collaborative partners undertakings or obligations according to this Tell Pal-program. In addition, eliazon take no responsible, in neither one way or another, for agreements that meet directly between Tell Pal and other persons, companies or parties. Tell Pal Ambassador herself could not be a client, mandatory or decision-maker. A Tell Pal Ambassador cannot in other ways stand in an undue position of dependence to such person, authority or authority, such as accusations on legal disqualification, bribery, insider crime or other criminal activity could be raised.

10. Be honest and consider sensibility and respect.

Tell Pal guarantees that given registration information is correct, complete and duly to dispatch and that the information stands in accordance with true relations. Tell Pal is obliged to report changes’ concerning given information and completing a new registration procedure when circumstances changes. Tell Pal may not contribute to statement, document or measure that can mean insult, infringement, trespasses in some physical or legal person's rights, respects, honour or private lives' sanctity. Information and requests from Tell Pal may under no circumstances be considered as offending, inadmissible or to be questioned as undue. Tell Pal should never trace information given in one way or another. Misuse of this service should be reported.

11. Tell Pal is not an employment relation.

Tell Pal Ambassador's registration does not mean that some kind of employment relation arises. Tell Pal has no legal rights to vacation compensation, period of notice or other advantages excluded from performance fees (see p.2). Neither during the actual registration period or afterwards. You are Tell Pal Ambassador from approved registration date until the registration cancels or revokes. You have right to abort the co-operation and revoke registration anytime to immediately ceasing. eliazon have the same right to cancel co-operation without any further justifications. eliazon revoke co-operation in particular when we assess the co-operation to be inappropriate or otherwise on other basis considers that further co-operation does not fit ourselves. We can also make cancellations if Tell Pals carry out deceptive or other illegal activity, and does not apply current laws and regulations. Additional cause for an unjustified cancellation can last that you not generated new customers to us during three (3) calendar months in a follow. At a cancellation do you receive an e-mail with head "CANCELLATION", but without any specified justification

12. Cancellation and use of information in marketing aim.

Cancellation ceases all obligations to apply and no compensation is paid. After cancellation can you no longer refer to Tell Pal in any intending. Tell Pal have to hold eliazon indemnified pursues compensation claims or other compensation pretensions that could arise against eliazon because of registered association with you. You cannot (entire or partial) pledge, transfer or announce rights and/or obligations as described above. You approve that given information may be transferred of eliazon to another part. In accordance with Swedish laws, you permit publishing of your name and Internet address mm on eliazon web sites. You further approve use of your e-mail address for dispatches of newsletters mm and use of submitted information in marketing aim.

13. Register your Tell Pal Ambassador account here:

  1. Be kind and read the above text closely. When you have completed the registration process through indicating "Register Announcement" have you accepted conditions and information given above as a detailed legal binding agreement.
  2. Begin with paying your registration fee here,
    via Pay Pal: s secure payment mediating.

    Registration fee amount are only 25€ (approximately 230: - SEK) that is drawn of PayPal via your charge card. When you have paid the fee, you relocate back to this page.

  3. Then continue the registration process with filling in form, below. Submit closely those records* we need in order to register and approve your announcement.
  4. Fulfil all *- indicated information. If you are a Swede and hold "F-skatt" should this be stated, like how you want payments from us to happen. If you do not state your bank account number or PayPal-alternative, we send our payments to you via money order MO. When you fulfilled in all mandatory information send the form through indicating the button: " Register Announcement". When the announcement has been sent are you relocated to our web site –
  5. We send you acknowledgement on registration as Tell Pal - Ambassador within 3-4 days. With the acknowledgement follows a Tell Pal that you must refer to and therefore keep safe.
First Name* Last Name*
Civic Reg.Nr* E-mail*
Occupation/Employment Telephone*
Postal Address* PostalNr* City*
Bank Account Nr - for payment:
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* = Mandatory information

Thanks for your announcement - we recur as soon as possible!

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